Apr 9

Security: Mitigating Heartbleed vulnerability

On April 7th, 2014 the CVE-2014-0160 vulnerability of OpenSSL, commonly known as the Heartbleed bug, got announced to the public. This vulnerability allows attackers to gain access to read the memory of the host and even read private keys of the server. By now, we have no signs that sourceLair has been compromised by that kind of attack.

What we did about this

We seriously care about our users’ security and privacy, so we took the appropriate measures, to ensure that you are safe, when you use sourceLair to do your work:

  1. We upgraded our version of OpenSSL to the one that has the Heartbleed bug fixed.
  2. We restarted all services that were using OpenSSL on our server.
  3. We re-issued our SSL (HTTPS) keys and certificates.
  4. We deleted all user sessions that started before we fixed this issue.

What you can do about this

In order to ensure even more security for yourselves, you can take several measures as well:

  1. Reset your sourceLair password.
  2. Revoke the GitHub access token for sourceLair and then issue a new one by logging-in with GitHub again (your sourceLair password will be needed for that)

We are constantly following updates on this issue so as to take additional measures, if needed, in order to ensure the highest level of security possible. You can follow us on Twitter, in order to stay tuned with our updates on that issue.

Till then you can go to www.sourcelair.com and continue coding on the cloud, relaxed and secure.

Mar 24

Sundaygram: Upgrade to sourceLair Pro, using Bitcoin

Developers all around the world, despite their differences, usually share interest for specific fields of the technology world. Bitcoin is one of those fields that has attracted a great amount of developers the last years, which actually grows constantly and almost exponentially.

Today we are excited to announce Bitcoin support for upgrading to sourceLair Pro. We have been watching its growth and continuously increased adoption for a long time, so we decided that letting our users use their Bitcoins to upgrade their sourceLair accounts would be all but a bad investment. Giving as much flexibility as possible to our users, so as to improve their experience, while using sourceLair, is a top priority for us and the way of paying for sourceLair is not an exception for that.

In case you want to upgrade to sourceLair Pro but you only trust Bitcoin for your online transactions, now you can go to sourcelair.com and upgrade your account using your Bitcoin wallet.

Mar 17

Introducing the Command Palette

Here, in sourceLair, we always try to augment developers’ productivity through constant innovation. We introduce sophisticated new features that borrow behavior and usability from proven technologies, while unleashing totally new capabilities for our users.

One of the features that Subime Text users love is the Command Palette, which gives you instant access to editor commands, through a very simple —yet powerful— text search engine. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Command Palette for sourceLair, loaded with more than 20 commands that let you manipulate your IDE. Just hit Ctrl + Shift + P (or Cmd + Shift + P on your Mac) and unleash the power of the Command Palette, through your keyboard.

We started re-engineering our whole UI so as to be more consistent with the Command Palette, so today we are also shipping an all-new UI for Committing, Branch checking out and Branch merging. The new Commit message UI lets you enter your commit message summary and body separately. The Branch checking out and merging lets you search through the available branches, thus making this procedure extremely faster and easier for you, especially if you work on a large project that has many branches.

Last but not least, today we are launching status.sourcelair.com, a website where you can check the current status of the sourceLair service and see if everything is fully functional.

Go to www.sourcelair.com and see yourself how much your productivity increases, when not getting your hands off the keyboard, with the all-new Command Palette.

Mar 3

Sundaygram; Introducing multi-processing

Boosting the productivity of developers is one of our top priorities, since the beginning of sourceLair and is something that always intrigued us to try to achieve.

Today, we are taking a big leap towards this direction, by enabling multiple processes for our users. That means that, starting now, almost each process on sourceLair (e.g the django server, syncdb, pip install, bower install etc) has its own console tab in the UI, that stays up-to-date with the logs of your process, in real time. That way your Django server logs do not interfere with the output of your Git merge and everything is tidy, in its place. This combined with the always-available live feed of your Django server logs, will take your productivity to a whole new level.

Additionally, today we are rolling out a lot of UI enhancements that make working on sourceLair a much more pleasant and eye-friendly procedure. We strongly believe that the user interface plays a vital role in user’s productivity, so we constantly do our best to keep our user interface simple, efficient and elegant.

Go now to www.sourcelair.com and enjoy spawning multiple processes for your projects.

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